Churston (Pty) Ltd, a BBBEE level 2 company

Churston was formed in 1947 to manufacture and supply parts for the railways and general engineering customers. During the nineties it began production of conveyor chains for the underground Coal Mining Industry such as Shuttle Cars, Feeder Breakers, Plant Feeders, Reclaim Feeders and Continuous Miners.

On request Churston's product range have expanded into the supply of Feeder Breakers (Low/High seam), Reclaim Feeders, Sizers, spares/repairs and services.

Based in Germiston, we pride ourselves on producing quality parts that perform to customer’s expectations such as Sasol Mining, Anglo Coal, Seriti Mining, Glencore Coal, Eskom etc.

We believe it is of paramount importance for the Coal Mining and Power Generation Industry in South Africa to have access to readily available locally manufactured quality products resulting in huge cost savings and more importantly creating jobs for South African citizens.

We currently manufacture and supply a wide series of chain. Our capabilities also allow us to manufacture any non-standard chain required by our clients. 


Our product range includes

Feeder Breakers
Low Seam Feeder Breakers
Reclaim Feeders
Plant Feeders

Flightless Chain
Plant Feeder Chain
Flight bar Chain
Reclaim Feeder Chain

Conveyor Chain
Feeder Breaker Chain
Underground Feeder Breaker Chain
Stacker and Reclaimer Chain